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I am Jamonica F. Holmes,
CEO &  Creative Producer of

Inspirational  Artistry Ministry, LLC
and I  can't wait to create for you!

Here to help bring your vision to life.

How can we create for YOU?

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Hello Friend,

I'm glad you decided to stop by. I'd like to share something with you... 

I've been creating for as long as I can remember. I recall sitting in my room as a kid - lights dim, pen and paper in hand, imagination running wild... day, after day, after day. Writing and creating is what gave me life!

I dealt with my mom and dad's divorce, my verbally and emotionally abusive "step-mother's" rants, the violent death of my brother, the chronic diagnosis of my sister and the downward spiral of life in the fast lane... all through writing. But, I celebrated some of the most joyous times of my life through my writing, too.

I wrote my lifetime friend a spoken word piece about love that I shared with him and our guests on our wedding day. I shared through poetry recitation with my best friends and god-parents of my children for their 15 year vow renewal ceremony. I also had the pleasure of writing and imparting a poem entitled "Love's Prayer" to my sister and brother-in-law on their wedding day. These moments were, indeed, some of the most fulfilling moments that my gift of poetry has made room for. 

Throughout life, people came and went; possessions did too. But there were three things that remained constant... Jesus Christ. My family. And my journals. 

Now, I write, create and produce all kinds of works to build Kingdom warriors and to inspire others toward healing and wholeness. My aim is exhortation and the encouragement of women (and men) to endure life, heal gracefully and evolve beyond our wildest imagination... through our submission to God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I recognize the truth in scripture, that the words and energy we put out in the Earth truly do have the power to heal. And, I like to use poetry, spoken word and creative productions to plant these seeds of hope. 


I am humbled that God chose me to serve in this way. I pray that God blesses you abundantly and fills your cup with sustained peace and prosperity. I also hope you enjoy your time here, and leave inspired.


Peace & Blessings,


 J. Holmes

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She lives the poetry she cannot write... 

Oscar Wilde

At Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC we work hard to produce exciting, engaging, one-of-a-kind products & services for our audiences.  Every project is different; and no project is too small. From poetic expressions that intensify those special moments in our lives to national award-winning video productions that help communicate important messages, our aim is to uphold the IAM principles: to share love, speak truth and inspire hope. We're more than just entertainment. We are Lifelines. We are Memory Curators. We are Inspirational Artists. And we are waiting to serve you for your upcoming wedding, conference, women's ministry event, community event, funeral or memorial service, holiday event, and more!


Creative Productions

Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC supports and produces all kinds of creative things that help make beautiful memories and capture special moments. We like to say that we provide Entertainment with a Purpose. And we hope that with each encounter, a seed of inspiration is planted!

Three Pillars.

One Passion.

Love, Truth, Hope in Action.

Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC 


is a creative production company that believes in the power of inspiration ~ divine guidance; and we use that power (which is shown to impact well-being, improve goal attainment and aid in discovering purpose) to tell empowering stories, develop creative communications and produce events that inspire people. We work with individuals and organizations that align with our values of sharing love, speaking truth and inspiring hope; and we offer an array of products and services, through which we aim to accomplish our mission.  


Our "Why"


People are broken; and families are broken. As a result, the communities and systems in which we live, work, become educated, build wealth and entertain are also broken. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2019, 20% of American adults reported struggling with depression and more than 60% of American adults experienced at least one traumatic event as a child (which often has devastating effects on physical health, mental health, quality of life and lifespan). To complicate matters, the CDC also reported that the divorce rate at 2.7 per 1,ooo people in the US in 2019... that was 746,971 broken marriages in the US alone. When we see these stats, it's no wonder why we see brokenness and violence, unfair and unlawful treatment, and a conscious disregard for humanity in our world.

Our Impact


We want to help people make sense of their worlds and the world around us. We want to provoke awareness of new possibilities in the face of adversity. We want to bring about clarity and foster healing. We want to help people and families build resilience. We want to empower people to live in their truth, to celebrate wins together and to help keep the legacies of our every-day Kings and Queens alive. We want to remind the world that we are all a work in progress; yet we are still brilliant, still dynamic and still amazing. We want to use the power of our stories to encourage Kingdom living.

Though the intangible things in life are often devalued in our culture today, we aim for the heart. Our words flow from our heart's posture; and words do change things. The words "God said..." are so impactful in Scripture because of the change that took place as a result of God's spoken word - the creation of light, waters, dry land, grass, living creatures and mankind. God's words created life. Our words also have the power to produce life or death, to hurt or to heal; to build or to break. When we combine this word power with the art of storytelling and the gift of truth, we actually harness the power to alter the way others' brains react to their environment. This evokes the mental, emotional and physiological responses from people that create change. 

We believe that by inspiring people, we empower families; that empowered families help restore communities; and that all of this glorifies God. It's all connected, just as our life's purpose is connected to our Creator. Our humble mission begins with inspiration.

Change starts with   Inspiration.
















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"Jamonica has has an awesome talent for inspiring others through her poetry, spoken word, singing, theatrical plays, and other creative works. She also mentors and encourages others to use there creative gifts. She did a unforgettable performance at my Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony."
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