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Jamonica F. Holmes

Owner & Inspirational Artist

I'm blessed, humbled and honored to serve as Creative Producer of Inspirational Artistry, LLC. Through this venue, I collaborate with people and faith-based organizations to fulfill our God-inspired vision for Kingdom-building in creative ways. Launched in 2015, this work is my passion and my purpose. I create and inspire for the ultimate goal of spiritual, emotional and mental wellness and transformation... because I've lived enough life to know it is fleeting, and the quality of our lives and relationship with Our Creator is what matters most.


If you're interested in consulting with me on your next project, here's a little more about my experience:


  • M.S. in Mental Health Counseling; B.S. in Business Management; B.S. in Marketing.

  • 20 years experience in Counseling and Social Work.

  • Trauma-Informed Coach and Certified Family Wellness Instructor.

  • 12 years experience in Project Management and Public Administration.

  • Two-time national award winner: Technology Innovation Award and Achievement Award.

  • Founder of The Inspire Hope Project in contract with Family First Legal, LLC in Montgomery County, MD to create inspirational content for their clients and community.

  • Partner with local churches in the Triangle Area to create inspirational content and produce various community programs.

  • Served as Creative Arts Ministry Leader for a local church for 7 years.

If you wanna know more about how I can help support your vision, connect with me and...

Let's turn your inspiration into impact!  

Peace, Blessings & Inspiration,



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