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A Prayer on Mother's Day

Dear Lord,

I pray that you help those that you placed on my heart early this morning in their time of grief, as they navigate the void in their lives. Help them understand your purpose and plan. Give them strength to trust in your faithfulness.

You are a God of comfort and I pray that you help them patiently wait on you and not despair. Help them to know that you have not and will not abandon them, that you are near to the brokenhearted. Help them to believe that there is a purpose in their pain, and give them strength to fulfill that purpose. Help them to show up for others even as a grieve.

Touch them, O God. Renew their joy and settle them in their truth. Let your arms engulf them. Those that weep, cradle him. Send your people to help fill their voids. Help them not just escape the pain, but to be restored, in Jesus’ name.

Bind the hurt and brokenness and release your perfect peace and healing in their lives. Lord, I know you love them. Let them feel your love. For you are God and God alone. You have the power to do all of these things. I thank you now for how you have kept and will continue to keep your sons and daughters. Thank you, Lord.


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