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Crown of Glory

As I reflect back on the things I did in the last 365 days

To commemorate the end of my fourth decade

I am resolved in excitement about what the other side of forty might bring;

Because the trek to forty, it taught me some things.

In the last 365 days...

I cruised the Caribbean

I wrote in Bimini

The same place MLK wrote his now famous "I've been to the mountiantop" speech

Just days before his death

But then, I didn't have much to say.

I sat for hours and watched the waves

I stood in deep waters and saw my toes buried in white sand

It was so soft, and so smooth, and so scerene.

I stood there quietly, engulfed in the waters

Relishing in God's creativity and soverighnty.

My grief, swallowed up by the sea.

I left the last 15 years of dry seasons in Bimini

And it's waves ushered me into freedom...

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