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Lost & Found

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You were more than a man to me

You were my Prince Charming

Sent down from Heaven.

Every word you spoke serenaded me like a sweet, sweet melody

Playing softly in the background on a beautifully canvassed Spring morning.

I danced in your rain.

I ran briskly and aimlessly through the rows of flowers in your fields

Planted just for me to feel your love,

Plucked up your roses just to catch a whiff of your royal fragrance

It was simply...


I made you my King.

And I bowed in your presence.

I bowed in your presence

I stayed down there - bowed in your presence

Until each time I greeted you, I found another broken piece of me

Down at your feet.



Watching the melody of your song begin to fade.

The royal fragrance of your roses that captivated my sense of smell slowly drifted away.

I didn't give it permission...

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