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Beauty of Life

A Tribute to My Mother

The beauty of life is indescribable; and it’s journey is divine.

It’s hills and valleys leave footprints on our hearts that can last a lifetime.

This is a journey of love, self-discovery and purpose –

As we seek to find life’s true beauty; as we seek to find life’s worth.

As children we enjoy simple encounters with our toys and dolls.

In our youth, we cherish our friends and acquaintances – their opinions and all.

Easily building bonds and friendships that make us feel so secure.

It’s innocent ignorance in our youth, for life lived discovers it takes more…

More than a conversation or an emotion to uncover the beauty of life.

So we begin to search, wondering if we will ever see the light.

We search for love. We search for laughs. We search for joy and peace.

We search for all the things our soul cries out for, all the things that our being needs.

Innately we search, seeking to find the beauty of life.

But many times, we come up short despite the passion we use to fight.

As age creeps up on us and the simplicity of our youth fades away,

We learn to search in riskier places, turning our once clear blue skies into gray.

Parties convert our homes; and life becomes a way of pleasing ourselves.

Longing to belong, and giving up ourselves to be loved by someone else.

We’re in this world seeking something we can never find apart from Jesus Christ,

As we continue on our journey to find the beauty of life.

On this road we travel to uncover life’s beauty, we inevitably uncover the truth –

That the beauty of life is found from within,

For it’s the Spirit that yields good fruit.

So in our aging, wisdom concludes that true beauty is hidden in the heart.

It’s not an outward appearance; it’s not a feeling or a spark.

It can’t be unveiled by a friend, nor through the love of a man.

The perfection of beauty is God – so in His image I stand.

Fearfully and wonderfully made, it’s the Spirit who gives life.

So as I gracefully age, I declare the beauty of my life is in Christ!

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