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When I was a kid I used to enjoy wearing bandaids, lol...I mean what kid doesn't, right?! Now, I'm not talking about the plain jane, neutral colored bandaids that adults like to purchase for themselves so their boo-boos remain incognito and their wardrobe is not compromised too much. I'm talking about the colorful, animated, cartoon character bandaids that we typically buy for our children. (I know I'm not the only one with a variety of styles of bandaids in the cabinets underneath the bathroom However, I've never quite understood what this fetish is about or why kids will beg their parents for a bandaid when they know nothing is wrong. And they come up with all kinds of reasons to get one. Then, when they get it, suddenly the pain disappears and mysteriously everything is right with the world again.

Although the purpose of a bandaid is simply to control bleeding and protect from infection, there seems to be a larger issue at play here with our children. Apparently, there is something about a bandaid that impacts emotional health too! But the thing about a bandaid doesn't provide healing. In fact, bandaids prevent complete healing from taking place if left on too long. Wounds need air to breathe, so if they are constantly covered up it interferes with the long-term healing process.

When I think about it...that is much like many of the approaches we use to solve problems in our every day lives. Men, women and leaders alike... working to find quick fixes and fast food like solutions to apply in order to "cover up" deep rooted problems. These bandaid-like approaches impede the integrity of our work and often prevents the fulfillment of our work's purpose. People...we know this does not work! Temporary solutions are necessary at times, but only when the ultimate plan is to assess the depth of the wound, treat it and eventually remove the bandaid and let true healing take place.

In my line of work, the phrase "fast track" is used all too often in planning and developing solutions to people's family, economic and health related problems. At home, I find myself constantly using the phrase "chop, chop" with my kids to remind them to use the quickest strategy to get the goal accomplished. But WHY??? Why do we do this so much? Why are we so enmeshed in this worldly ideal of quick fixes that we refuse to give the healing process it's due time?

Is it because of the messages that our society sends about time and priorities every day? "Time is money." "The end justifies the means." Is it because we have become so technologically savvy that we have lost the value and meaning of patience and thus under-appreciate the process?

Spiritually, what kind of bandaids are you wearing today?

  • Are you prolonging your healing process because of the constraints of your mind?

  • Are you blocking your air supply because of the emotional constraints you haven't been able to manage?

  • Have you masked your disappointment by pursuing happiness instead of finding joy?

  • Have you masked your pain with lustful pleasures instead of seeking comfort from the Lord?

  • Have you masked your insecurities with your bold presence or quiet demeanor instead of living a life of transparency and authenticity?

Again I ask, what are you covering up? What spiritual bandaids are you wearing today?

Well, the great thing about bandaids though is that they can be removed in preparation for healing to take place! Although taking it off might sometimes sting...

I urge you today to STOP utilizing quick fixes as long term solutions at work, at home, in your community, or wherever you may find yourself. Take the time to go through the process. Deal with the real issues. And in the end, the product will be more sustainable!

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