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Words to Live By...

Surround yourself with others that will encourage you.

You must go through in small have to accept it. God must see your faith in small things first.

If you just trust Him as much as you possibly can, He will grace you through what you can't seem to get through.

Don't stop when you step one foot out of the box. That's not good enough. Break through it!

Trust God for discernment, it grows when you follow Him through daily tasks. It's so easy to deny God's direction, because it often leads us into uncomfortable places. But not following Christ will ultimately land us in even more discomfort.

You can't teach from a place of judgement. Those who are assigned to you will need the benefit of your teaching and experience without judgement.

Don't forget who you are and Whose you are!

Flesh cannot bind fire. The flesh must die daily. Rise in Spirit.

It's not about the end result, its about the process. God's got the end result. But once the end result comes, if you haven't taken time during the process, you will not receive all God has for you.

When you leave the spirit of God on the outside, don't expect God's miracles on the inside. Usher in the spirit into your home.

Don't be a servant to the wrong master.

Pray without ceasing.

Worship in your "free" time and begin to experience what "free" really means!

And as I often say, LOVE ANYWAY (even if your love isn't received well or returned)! You are not loving for the sake of others to accept you or love you back. You are loving because you were created by Love, for Love and in the image of Love.

Live in Peace!

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