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Products & Services

If you're searching for a small, independently owned business that provides quality creative products and services to people, organizations and small businesses in the community, you've come to the right place.

We'll take good care of you!

Poetry Products & Services

​Our favorite past-time is poetry. Don't you think there's something really special created by the cadence of colorful language joined together with passionate sentiment? With a purposeful marriage of the two, every special moment can become an indwelling treasure... one to be remembered for a lifetime. Our poetry delivers just that. We offer standard written and spoken word poetry services; and we specialize in creating custom works that help communicate the message  you want to share. Check out our packages and products and secure your experience today!

*Standard poems include any written or published IAM poem. Customized poems are written and customized just for you. Special Wedding Package prices shown above are discounted. For more detailed descriptions and other IAM products, click here.

Creative Communications & Media Design

As a start-up company, we have the resources to execute your creative vision through media design for a fraction of the cost of larger businesses. But we're not just in it for the beauty of it. We're in it to help you capture and curate special moments with the public and the people that you love.  We specialize in media design products for small businesses, non-profits, religious institutions, personal branding, blogs and portfolios.

  • Websites

  • Promotional Videos

  • Presentations

  • Electronic Flyers & Social Media Banners

  • Infographics

Event Production & Support

Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC produces creative events that bring families and communities together for an inspiring good time. We also collaborate with local organizations and partners to help collectively support all kinds of creative events... because we weren't built to operate in silos. When we pool our resources together, we embrace community and produce masterpieces.​​

Products & Services
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